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Webster Says...
Webster Says...


Webster is Belfast Harbour's champion of environmental awareness and the mascot for the organisation's eco-friendly drive into the 21st century. He promotes 'green' values to kids at schools across the province. A cousin of the Loch Ness monster, Webster lives in Belfast Lough and helps to keep it clean and green.

Belfast Harbour asked us to create an online home for Webster, to give school children across Northern Ireland a place to learn about life at the harbour and its many environmental concerns.


We wanted to keep it fun, engaging and informative, and aimed at its demographic of 5-10 year old school kids. With this in mind we took a completely different approach to designing the site in comparison to our normal corporate process.

We utilised lots of cartoon style artwork, introduced a 'living landscape' themed background and placed several other characters from the webster universe in the forefront of the design. This all lends itself to the engaging and fun experience of using the site.

With the content we focused on snappy quizzes, games and information that would capture the kids attention and compel them to interact and learn from the information. The result is a wide variety of 'green' focused content and fun, informative content aimed at promoting environmental awareness.

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