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Fleming Agri-Products
Fleming Agri-Products


Fleming Agri are an award winning manufacturer of machinery for the agricultural industry. The company has been trading for over 150 years and their products are bought and known by clients & customers throughout the world.


The Fleming website showcases the company's full range of agricultural machinery, grouping their products into unique categories, based on real-world application. The site has to cater for two distinct audiences. The end-user's, such as the farmers, and the dealers, who stock and sell the products. To this end, a 'Dealer Login' system was created allowing them to access various private information, prices and spec documents.

Ecommerce & Mobile

The Fleming website is a fully fledged e-commerce platform. Their 'Spare Parts' catalogue allows both end-users and dealers to buy parts for their machines, with worldwide shipping options available.

Fleming also has a dedicated mobile version of their website, which is aimed at the Spare Parts market, allowing end-users and dealers to get a fully enabled e-commerce experience on their phone and tablet.

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